Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2011 YZFR Lost But Found!

On March 22 2012 a Friendly Honda/Yamaha customer who proudly owns a Yamaha YZFR1 was getting ready to call it a night when he received a text message with the dreaded words "Motion Alert". This customer knew exactly what that meant and raced outside to see if it was true. Unfortunately the message was correct, someone HAD been tampering with the customers bike. By the time the customer made it out the bike was long gone. MOGO got the call from this terrified customer at 12:30am. MOGO reacted in a flash and found the exact location of this bike. MOGO coordinated with the New Orleans PD and before the thieves knew what hit them it was over. The authorities not only recovered the bike in perfect condition but also found a stolen van (not MOGO equipped) at this location. Here is a thank you from the customer himself. Enjoy.

" I am so thankful that I have your service in protecting my investment no matter the day, night or weather. I had my bike stolen before and didn't have any anti-theft system at the time and learned from that mistake and now having MOGO I am a believer. I felt confident and reassured by your team that I will get my stolen property back. MOGO track system rocks!!! If you value your investment you better get MOGO! and again thank you!!!"

Thanks to the team at Friendly Honda/Yamaha for believing in MOGO and protecting their customers with the latest in recovery and tracking technology.

  • Motorcycle Recovered on : March 22, 2012

  • Motorcycle Recovery Time : 1hr 30min