Wednesday, November 21, 2012

F-250 Super Duty Edition Gone Again

 Busy times in this San Antonio neighborhood as twice within a 1 month span the same truck was stolen from the same customer. On September 17 MOGO received a call in regards to a stolen vehicle. MOGO was able to help recover the vehicle in under an hour. The story does not end there. They say lightning doest strike twice but for this customer it did. On October 11 MOGO received a call from an concerned customer. This customer went out to begin his day and what do you know, his truck was gone. Again! MOGO sprang into action and coordinated with the SAPD Auto Task Force to pin point the location of the vehicle. The vehicle was found to be parked in an apartment complex parking lot less than one mile form where his vehicle was found a month earlier. No damage. The vehicle was returned to the customer in less than an hour. This customer stated that MOGO was worth every dollar he spent on it and will definitely recommend this product to anyone who will listen. If this was the same thief, maybe they now realize that this truck can't be stolen and not found. Chalk another one up for the good guys.

Thanks to the great folks at McCombs Ford West for believing in MOGO and protecting their customers with the latest in recovery and tracking technology

  •  Vehicle Recovered on: October 11, 2012
  •   Recovered in: San Antonio, Tx
  •   Recovery Time: 30 Min.