Monday, June 13, 2016

Not So Fun Trip To Six Flags

MOGO and Jennings Anderson Ford would like to thank the Auto Theft Task Force of San Antonio for an awesome and speedy recovery on this customers Ford F150 truck. The police were notified of the vehicles location by MOGO's recovery team, and they were able to find it within minutes. Once the officers arrived at the location they realized there was more than just one stolen truck. They discovered two Ford trucks, and enough parts to build 6 or 7 more. Busted! An illegal San Antonio chop house was shut down in a matter of hours all due to MOGO's Theft Recovery System.

Thanks to the great folks at Jennings Anderson Ford for believing in MOGO and protecting their customers with the latest in recovery and tracking technology.

Recovery Time: 29 MIN

Date: October 12th, 2015

Vehicle Type: 2010 Ford F150

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