Monday, June 13, 2016

Not So Gated Protection

Round 10:30 pm a Dallas owner of a 2010 Ford F150 was returning home from a fraternity party to his gated apartment to find that his vehicle was missing. He immediately alerted the police and MOGO about the vehicle theft. MOGO's recovery team started tracking the vehicle, and with the help of Dallas Auto Theft Task Force the truck was found. The truck was located at a restaurant called Good Luck Burger in South Dallas. Five unfortunate people were taken in that night, and his truck was successfully returned to him.

Thanks to the great folks at Mccombs Ford West for believing in MOGO and protecting their customers with the latest in recovery and tracking technology.

Recovery Time: 53 Minutes

Date: May 3rd, 2015

Vehicle Type: 2010 Ford F150

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SR said...

why unfortunate? they got what they deserved